Windows Open and Good Music :)

I woke up this morning to find my roommate opening all the windows and put on the 90’s channel on Pandora 🙂 Its days like these that I live for. Im getting a lot of writing done and then tonight DOCTOR WHO PARTY!! haha yea Im kind of a nerd but I dont care haha.

Things are finally starting to go well. Im going to be auditioning for AMDA, moving in with three other artists in there own way. Im so excited for the whole moving process to start! I have decided that I need to get off my ass and do what I have to do to make my dreams come true, but still stay true to myself. Just figuring out how to get there is going to be the hardest part.

I have started Planning for Big Dub Candy Mountain! If your going let me know!! Im planning a surprise birthday party for my favorite panda man Skittlez! Yes his birthday is during Big Dub! haha Im so excited about this!!!

Anyways I think that is all for now 🙂




Have not been able to post In awhile…in the middle of getting ready to move 🙂 my roommate and I moving in with my dad was a quick fix for a bad situation. And this one id proving to be no better. I can meditate when he is home, I cant just rave out in my living room when he is home. So we are moving in with some friends we sign the lease on Monday and start moving in by Friday 🙂

On a good note One of my really good friends entered one of his mixes in the Big Dub DJ competition. When (stay positive) he gets this it will be the push he needs. So keep your fingers crossed for him, he finds out in like 3 weeks.

Oh my god so I have been getting messages from people that I have met at festivals and raves asking me to meditate with them again at the festivals we go to. That makes me feel awesome because its so hard to meditate with someone unless you make an instant connection with them. I love knowing that I made that connection with so many people, I must be doing something right. Once the move happens ill be able to post a lot  more 🙂 to everyone that is reading this and and keeping up with my blog, thank you for being there 🙂

Getting Lost In Music

So I have had the house to my self all day…my roommate is a Photographer and she went on a photoventure all day today. The only reason why I stayed home was because I was sure I was getting sick. I was working on a new post on this site that I write on….and I kept passing out hahaha. Oh well Ill finish it later…..I am doing this post through a blinding headache….this shit seriously hurts right now. It started once my other roommate (not the photographer) came home and made us turn off our music. I was in the middle of meditation and I was pulled out if it…..because he wanted to watch tv….guess what you have a tv in your room…do not bother me.

Anyways before all that happened I was listening to some amazing trance and just getting lost in my own little world. In a place where no one could judge me or hurt me. While I was in my own little world (no there were no drugs Involved) I realized that I needed to move forward when it comes to my dreams. One problem…..I dont know what to do to make this happen…..

Basically what i am trying to say is if you are ever confused about life or anything turn off the lights, turn on some trance and just zone and the answer will come to you eventually and if not… least you had a nice vacation from reality 🙂

Just saying Hiya :)

530167_4442648715085_1023675072_nHi all Im Pixie (no that is not my real name haha, that is Robyn and i am the one in the purple shirt haha) and I have decided to start this blog so i could speak my mind and say what i need to say. Share my stories and talk about things I cant usually talk about with my friends or family. I know people may read this and Im willing to answer any questions or give advise if needed.

I want people to feel inspired and realize that not all ravers are bad people in fact most of us are really good people if you would just take the time to talk to us you would know that.

New posts coming soon 🙂

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility ❤